Peace. Quiet. Nature.


I just spent some time in the Sierras. Snow capped mountains, towering pines, glassy lakes. In the distance, the Donner Pass, where, in the winter of 1846-7, the infamous Donner party got stranded in snow and, well, let’s just say it ended badly. They were looking for a quickie short-cut. If they’d gone the regular, established route, they’d have made it.

This weekend in the Sierras was a writing retreat weekend. By Saturday night, I realized there are no quickie short-cuts in my writing project, either. I had to go back to the very beginning of my story and smooth things through, in order to continue to the end and tell it right. So that was one lesson.

Another lesson was the beauty of walking through the woods, and around Donner Lake, was magical. Nature feeds our soul. I know I need more of it in my life. Just: peace. quiet. nature.

Do you?

2 comments to Peace. Quiet. Nature.

  • Yes! I grew up in nature and near beaches and would spend entire days getting lost. Now I live in NYC and pine away for it, and when I finally get to spend summer weekends upstate, lakeside, it’s a little taste of heaven. My soul melds to the environment and I don’t want to leave. Poor sad, city girl. lol.

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