A Someday Bird from a Day Long Past.


This is an illustration by John James Audubon of the Carolina Parakeet, an extinct bird of the American South. A friendly chirpy bird, it was plentiful, until its habit of destroying fields of fruit and corn made it a target of the farmers’ guns. It succumbed to extinction by the early 1900s.


The Carolina Parakeet is very important in The Someday Birds. Charlie’s dad used to imagine he saw this colorful squawker in the North Carolina farm fields of his youth — but of course, it was only a fantasy. As Charlie says, facts are facts, and you can’t see a bird that’s been extinct for more than 100 years.

Or… can you….


This is a 100+ year old Carolina Parakeet, preserved and on display in a glass case on the third floor at San Diego’s Natural History Museum. I saw it today by sheer chance, while visiting that fabulous museum for the first time.

I saw it, and my heart jumped. I saw it, and felt the way Charlie must have felt, at a particular part of the story.

The Carolina Parakeet is a symbol of revival and hope in my book. But I never thought I would ever see one in person.

Silly me. I should know: Hope is the thing with feathers.

On Mon Jan 16, I’ll be signing copies of THE SOMEDAY BIRDS at theNAT, San Diego’s Natural History Museum. For more details about that event, click here:
Family Day at the NAT

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