Another word from Dr. Tiberius Shaw, PhD

Dr. Tiberius Shaw here, legendary ornithologist, sculptor, writer, and mysterious bird guru. I am writing to you from my secret campsite, far from the bustling world.

Here are some more deep thoughts about what birds can teach us. KEEP OBSERVING THEM!….

1. See these small ducklings? They may seem cute and defenseless, but there is something strong as steel about them. And that is their courage, in daring to explore the unknown world for the first time – despite the dangers, they know they must. The life force is strong within them.

Their lesson to us, dear readers, is to try and do something that scares us a little, every day. This is how we grow as humans. I told Charlie this advice in THE SOMEDAY BIRDS, and I firmly hold it to be a personal truth.

2. When we think of the Bald Eagle, what comes to mind? Power. Might and Majesty. Honor.


That is the myth of the Bald Eagle. In reality, Bald Eagles are not always so majestic in their behavior. They will steal food from other birds, and they can be lazy and mean. They like to hang around landfills.

It’s important to remember that there are symbols, which are like myths. And then there is the observable reality. And that there is often a big difference.

3. This is a photo of the Superb Fairy Wren:


He is a lovely little fellow, native to Australia. These birds are among my favorite for their altruistic nature. They will watch each other’s nests, babysit each other’s broods. Males and females cooperate and share all tasks of survival equally, and with little fuss or squabble. A truly noble little bird, indeed.

The Superb Fairy Wren reminds us of the value in community. In helping others, we ALL do better.

That’s it for today… More birds to come!

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