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Hi my name is A. I’m a third grader in New Hampshire and I just finished your book The Someday Birds. I got the book at my library in school. I love it and some parts really mean a lot to me because my dad is in the air force and when he leaves for Afghanistan I get kind of sad. I really liked the words and phrases you put into the book it’s really inspiring. I don’t want to take all your time but I only need to ask one more question. Do you enjoy being a author? I really love reading and writing and when I grow up I hope to be an author and give books to kids who do not have any. Thank you for your time.


Dear A.,

How wonderful, to receive your note just now! I’m so moved and grateful that you enjoyed Charlie’s story! Receiving a note like yours is just about the best part of being an author. You are so awesome! Thank you!

And to answer your question: I do love being a writer. It is like a dream come true, to be able to write what’s really in my heart, and create stories that connect me to others (like you!). I am so excited to hear that you want to be an author, too. Are you working on any writing project, right now? The best thing to do is just keep reading and writing. Read whatever you love — and sometimes, stop to think about the *how* — how it is structured and put together, how it’s written…

I’m so moved to hear that your dad goes to Afghanistan too, and that you connected with Charlie and his father because of that.
I am wishing your dad, and all your family, all the best wishes in the world.

Thank you so much again for writing to me.
Your friend,

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