School’s out… but I’m thinking about school.

The cover reveal of JOHN LOCKDOWN IS IN THE BUILDING! (see previous blog post, below this one) has got me thinking. What do I want people to know about this book? How do I describe it?

For extremely sensitive students, school emergency and active-shooter drills can become a source of stress. For some kids, they lead to a feeling that the worst possible thing can happen at any moment at all. At any moment at all.

I was the kind of kid who lived with that sort of fear. There was no such thing as a school shooting when I was young — I managed to squeeze my childhood in between the Cold War “duck and cover” drills and the Columbine active-shooter ones. But still. I know the low-level hum of fear and anxiety all too well.

This new book treads lightly, but the depth of it touches upon childhood anxiety from living in this flawed, violent, bully-ridden modern age. I’m sort of trying to bring the dread up into the sunlight, for examination and demystification. To try and acknowledge, then calm down, that low-level hum.

By the way, there have been 270 shootings at schools since Columbine, according to ABC News.

What on earth is wrong with us, as a society, that this type of problem is allowed to persist?
I will never be able to understand it.

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