Houston, we have a problem. (Hurricane Harvey.)

Thinking and praying on the folks down in the Houston area these days. What can I do to help? I’ll donate to Red Cross and the Salvation Army, etc., but what else?

I started to wonder what books for kids are out there that talk about floods/surviving natural disasters. There are several good ones that explain the science, or spell out the history of Sandy or Katrina. But the most poignant story I happened on was written by an amazing 8 year old named De’ante Webster who was so moved to empathy and compassion by the events of Hurrican Katrina, he wrote a story called “The Flood of Kindness.” An artist-family-friend illustrated it. (Here’s the link)

Bravo, De’ante.

Let’s envelop the people of Houston in a flood of kindness after these waters recede.

Actually, let’s envelop everyone, everywhere in a flood of kindness. Let’s keep trying to make kindness be the one type of flood that never recedes.

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