Still Anxious After All These Years.

Last week’s NYT Mag had a cover article about kids and anxiety that really hit home. Here’s the LINK in case you missed it:

I was such an anxious kid. And now, I’m an anxious adult! The only thing that’s improved are my coping skills. I’m more aware, and can manage physical manifestations better (jitters, panic, sense of doom, stomach turmoil). But the knee-jerk anxiety-response to all life’s stimuli is still my brain’s default mode.

That’s why I wrote STANLEY WILL PROBABLY BE FINE. The plot (essentially, it follows a comic con-related treasure-hunt) was lots of fun to write–but the real reason Stanley exists is to put worrying and catastrophizing into focus. Just put it out there for kids. Deep breath.

The reason for Stanley is the hope that at least one kid will say: “I can relate.”

Then maybe I’ll stop worrying — a little.

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