De-Extincting: What do you think?

Wouldn’t it be cool to see the Dodo Bird, or the extinct Passenger Pigeon, or Carolina Parakeet magically brought back from extinction, and flitting around again overhead in our skies?

Cool, right? Or… not?

In The Someday Birds, Charlie finds out that his hero, legendary ornithologist Dr. Tiberius Shaw, Ph.D., is interested in this type of cutting-edge DNA science. And in real life, scientists are getting close to being able to do this. They can sequence the genome of extinct bird and animal species, and use this knowledge to potentially help revive extinct species.

This is a real thing. And it’s not without controversy. There are a lot of pros and cons. A LOT.

What do you think?

An interesting article from the Audubon Society talks about it. You can read more about this fascinating, controversial topic HERE.

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