Here’s a List of Bird Books You Might Like

Here’s a list of bird-related books for both young and old. There are preschool picture books here, as well as more hard-core science-y tomes. But if you’re ten and up, you could probably tackle any of these….

First up is THE GENIUS OF BIRDS by Jennifer Ackerman. If you’re interested in the science of bird behavior, it’s really astonishing. This came out last year, and is meant for grownups. But it’s pretty much appropriate for any determined reader.

Here’s another adult book with cool stuff in it for any determined reader. Jon Young, the author of WHAT THE ROBIN KNOWS, grew up in the woods and trained as a guide and a tracker. His knowledge and his powers of observation are incredible. He teaches you how to really be silent outdoors and how to watch and listen.

Here’s the last of my more heavy-duty science books. Ornithologist Noah Strycker’s THE THING WITH FEATHERS takes us around the world for up-close interactions with — and lessons to be learned from — a selection of really interesting birds. I especially liked his chapter on hummingbirds and how they fight.

And hey, Audubon’s Baby Elephant folio? Well, if you can ever get your hands on one, in a secondhand bookstore, or something, the delight to be found in these engravings by Audubon is, well, delightful!

Okay, now here’s one I’m sure you haven’t heard of. If you have, let me know! THAT QUAIL, ROBERT came out in 1966, and there’s a real mid-century feel to it… It’s about a retired couple on Cape Cod who “adopt” a baby quail from a hatchling. This is a classic. It’s a great read for the whole family. I thought it was just delightful. It teaches us not to take for granted the intelligence and life force in even the smallest of earth’s creatures.

Okay, here’s one my grandma would read to me — and I’d read to my own boys, once upon a time. Mama Bird sings a refrain in this book, so I invented a silly melody and would pretend to be Mama Bird, singing it aloud to my boys as I read. They still parrot that goofy song back to tease me, every once in a while.

Up next is a new, beautiful book by Matt Tavares. I have not read this one yet, but I CANNOT WAIT TO! Red and Lulu are cardinals, and when something happens to their own “best nest” in a big pine, their bond is tested. It’s a similar theme to the P.D. Eastman “Best Nest” book, actually. The illustrations are stunning. Can’t wait to read!

This recent graphic novel about the life of Audubon is next up on my TBR pile! I can’t wait, and will let you know soon. I love to imagine what the world was like, back in the 1700s/1800s when Audubon tramped across fields and through towering forests, places that now are… old strip malls. Taco Bells. You know what I mean. Sigh.

This classic captures a spirit and mood of an incredible midnight outdoor adventure in winter. Jane Yolen is an amazing and prolific storyteller, yet of all her wonderful books, I think I love OWL MOON the best. Part of its spirit helped inspire a scene in THE SOMEDAY BIRDS. I wonder, can you guess which one?

Well, that’s my list for today! Do you have any special bird-related stories that you love? Have you read any of these? If so, please share, by leaving a reply below! I’d absolutely love to hear!

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