Are you a kid who likes to write?

If so, I just stumbled on a fun website that might help spark your imagination. It generates all kinds of random story ideas, and it’s just for kids!


But maybe the best thing to do, if you are a kid who likes to write, is get yourself a little journal — any size or shape you like. And then scribble away in it, anytime you feel like. Try to see if you can get a routine going, of writing in it regularly. Put down all your ideas, your thoughts, your doodles and story ideas and just whatever. Doesn’t matter what. Just let it all spill — and see what intriguing things turn up.

You could also do this on a laptop/tablet/computer, if you have access to one and think keyboarding is easier than writing. However you want to do it — the important thing is to exercise your creative-communication muscle!

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