Stanley Will Probably….

Stanley will probably be on a bookstore shelf near you, because today is his BOOK BIRTHDAY! YAY!

In celebration, I have quite a few things planned in the Southern California region. Check my EVENTS for a running list.

Happy Birthday, Stanley!


Are you a kid who likes to write?

If so, I just stumbled on a fun website that might help spark your imagination. It generates all kinds of random story ideas, and it’s just for kids!


But maybe the best thing to do, if you are a kid who likes to write, is get yourself […]

Would you like a free copy of Stanley Will Probably Be FIne?

If so, enter this Goodreads giveaway, ending Jan 26! You can enter by clicking…


Here’s a List of Bird Books You Might Like

Here’s a list of bird-related books for both young and old. There are preschool picture books here, as well as more hard-core science-y tomes. But if you’re ten and up, you could probably tackle any of these….

First up is THE GENIUS OF BIRDS by Jennifer Ackerman. If you’re interested in the science of bird […]

Congratulations, Charlie.

The Someday Birds has just been awarded the Dolly Gray Children’s Literature Award for 2018. What a meaningful honor!

It is awarded “for promoting high quality literature for children and youth that authentically characterizes individuals with developmental disabilities.” I am so honored and thrilled that Charlie’s story was chosen. This really means a […]

De-Extincting: What do you think?

Wouldn’t it be cool to see the Dodo Bird, or the extinct Passenger Pigeon, or Carolina Parakeet magically brought back from extinction, and flitting around again overhead in our skies?

Cool, right? Or… not?

In The Someday Birds, Charlie finds out that his hero, legendary ornithologist Dr. Tiberius Shaw, Ph.D., is interested […]

Hey Writing Students! What’s Wrong With This Sentence?

I’m working on a little story about a dog and a girl named Ani, and I just wrote this sentence. It needs fixing. Something’s weird with it.

Ready? Here it is:

“In a drainage ditch, on the outskirts of a small town that is far, far away across the ocean from Ani, […]

STANLEY gets a star.

There is a starred review for STANLEY in Kirkus Reviews today. The reviewer wrote: “Add to the growing list of intelligent books about kids whose brains operate outside the norm.”

A starred review gives a wonderful feeling of affirmation to a writer. But I know that’s not what matters in the long run. […]

Still Anxious After All These Years.

Last week’s NYT Mag had a cover article about kids and anxiety that really hit home. Here’s the LINK in case you missed it:

I was such an anxious kid. And now, I’m an anxious adult! The only thing that’s improved are my coping skills. I’m more aware, and can manage physical manifestations better […]

Anxiety makes you feel so not fine.

Stanley, the main character of my next middle-grade novel (due out Feb 6, 2018), has anxiety. He talks about worry escalating in a cascade of potentially catastrophic scenarios that appear in his head like the rapidly-growing branches of Groot, the instantly-growing tree-creature in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Stanley’s character was super easy for […]

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