The Someday Birds is now available in Spanish!

Libros de Seda, the Barcelona-based publisher, is to be congratulated. Isn’t it beautiful?

Mail from a special reader / aspiring writer

I was lucky enough to get a note the other day from a special twelve-year-old I taught in a writing workshop locally.

She wrote:

“I have lots of story ideas that I think I would enjoy to write as an adult and more for that crowd, but sometimes I worry I […]

Houston, we have a problem. (Hurricane Harvey.)

Thinking and praying on the folks down in the Houston area these days. What can I do to help? I’ll donate to Red Cross and the Salvation Army, etc., but what else?

I started to wonder what books for kids are out there that talk about floods/surviving natural disasters. There are several good ones […]


I’m a big fan of Erin Human’s blog about living a neurodiverse life. I’ve gotten a lot out of reading her thoughtful entries. (you can find her blog HERE) Below is a graphic she has created and shared, as an illustrative ‘way in’ to talking to children about their autism. I think it’s a lovely […]

Mere anarchy.

Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting at a busy gate for a Delta flight out of Salt Lake City. Parents calmed antsy toddlers; business travelers checked their phones. Folks exchanged pleasantries about the weather, kids. We were of many ethnicities, ages, backgrounds, and languages, in a few rows of hard plastic airport seating. A fairly […]

New Book in the house!

Hello friends!

A very cool package just arrived at my front door: some bound galleys (reviewers’ copies) of my second book!


SO EXCITED to see Stanley Fortinbras and Liberty Silverberg (my main characters) venturing forth […]

Algún Día Volaremos

“No tengo las manos limpias completamente hasta que me las he lavado doce veces, una por cada año de mi vida…”

So begins the Spanish translation of The Someday Birds. It launches in November, in a special gift edition with new, original illustrations created just for this version.

Deepest thanks to Libros de […]

Globalism v Nationalism

My husband is French. Soon-to-be daughter-in-law is Australian. Sister-in-law Korean. Other son’s love, from the Philippines. Each connection has cast beautiful threads out across the map of the world for me.

A radio commentator just said: “Globalism vs nationalism. That’s the struggle of our time.”

I don’t pretend to know the answers to anything. But […]

School’s out… but I’m thinking about school.

The cover reveal of JOHN LOCKDOWN IS IN THE BUILDING! (see previous blog post, below this one) has got me thinking. What do I want people to know about this book? How do I describe it?

For extremely sensitive students, school emergency and active-shooter drills can become a source of stress. For some kids, they […]

John Lockdown Cover Reveal!

The cover reveal of JOHN LOCKDOWN IS IN THE BUILDING happened today!

You can read a little bit about it here, on Mr Schu’s amazing blog:

Cover Reveal on Mr Schu Reads

The book will hit the shelves on Feb 6 2018. It’s about Stanley Fortinbras, an extremely anxious kid who totally hates […]

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