I’m the author of The Someday Birds (HarperCollins 2017), a book about Charlie, a bird-loving boy on a life-changing journey.

My second novel, Stanley will PROBABLY Be Fine, hits shelves Feb 6, 2018. Stanley’s a comics fanatic with some sensory issues. When his anxieties escalate in his new middle school, he invents an imaginary superhero to help him cope. He also enters this giant comic-trivia treasure hunt… Which may have been a mistake… Or maybe not.

A picture book, Benji, The Bad Day, & Me, will be out soon with Lee & Low. Sibling rivalry and neurodiversity, all wrapped in a big blue blanket. Illustrated by the great Ken Min.

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I’m a big advocate for neurodiversity and autism acceptance. I once heard someone describe autism as “not a spectrum, so much as a constellation.” I love that. We are all stars shining with different lights.

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