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MEDIA LINKS of Sally Speaking on autism, books, and kids:

Click here to watch local TV segment on books, autism, and kids.

Click here for ANOTHER local TV segment – on autism being underdiagnosed in girls.

Click here for an op-ed I wrote in the Miami Herald.

Click here for my article on sensitive kids: “You Will Probably Be Fine.”

Here’s a recent kidliterati post on my favorite teacher.


CLICK HERE! for a free, common-core-aligned classroom guide.

Also, “Teachers Pay Teachers” has a wonderful, 50-page study guide available — CLICK HERE!

The Two Bookworms Blog has listed some excellent discussion questions HERE


The lovely site, #mgatheart, created a family-friendly activities guide here: Fun Activities for The Someday Birds

And here are some further discussion questions on BIRDS. Stay tuned for a STANLEY common-core-aligned reading guide — it’s coming soon!

1. Describe Charlie. What kind of a person is he? How does he like to spend his time?
2. How is Charlie treated by Davis, the twins, and Gram?
3. Charlie has some autistic and OCD disabilities, but they’re not mentioned outright in the story. Why do you think the author chose not to label Charlie?
4. In the beginning, Charlie doesn’t want to sneak off in the middle of the night on their cross-country trip. What finally convinces him to go along with Davis’s crazy plan?
5. How would this story differ if Davis were narrating it, not Charlie? What would the tone of her voice sound like? Write a few lines describing some part of the trip from Davis’s point of view.
6. Charlie is stuck in the middle of the family birth order. What about you? Are you oldest, middle, youngest, or only? What’s kind of annoying about your place in the family? What’s a really good thing about your place in the family?
7. Of all the locations across the country that Charlie visits in the story, which one appeals to you the most? Why?
8. What bird, in the story, was most interesting to you? Have you ever gone bird watching, or visited a nature center? Would you like to?
9. In The Someday Birds, Charlie is a careful observer of not just birds, but people. Find a scene where Charlie is observing/describing. Are his observations accurate?
10. What does Charlie like – and dislike – about Ludmila at first? How does he feel about her at the end of the story?
11. Ludmila comes from Sarajevo, a city in a war-torn country in eastern Europe called Bosnia. If you look up the city of Sarajevo, what do you find out?
12. Charlie’s entranced by the mysterious bird guru, Dr. Tiberius Shaw, PhD, and makes it his goal to find him in the sanctuary marsh. Why does Charlie want to meet Dr. Shaw so much? What does he want to ask him? What is it about Shaw that attracts Charlie so?
13. The story mentions genetic research, and how some scientists are discussing the revival of extinct species of birds and mammals. This is a real scientific issue you can investigate and learn about. Do you think reviving extinct species is a good idea? Do you think it actually happened, in the story? Or was it in Charlie’s head?
14. Both Tiberius Shaw, PhD., and Charlie keep bird journals. As a project, keep a bird journal of your own for a week. Go outside, try to sketch a bird you see. Write anything you wish.
15. At the end of the book, Charlie says he is going to take a bite of the mystery snack on the airplane. Would he have said that at the beginning of the book? How has Charlie changed, because of his journey? How has he also stayed the same?
16. If you made your own “Someday” list of things to do/see together with a special friend or loved one, what would be on that list?

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